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Prices and policy claim information

Mr Perez is recognised by all major insurers and is fee assured with BUPA,  AXA and Vitality.

All other fees payable to Mr Perez are independently set. You’ll receive an estimate of outpatient and treatment costs prior to consultation, treatment or surgery – in accordance with CMA requirements.

Outpatient Consultation Fees



-  £225 - 295

-  £155 - 275

Insurance Companies with fee assurance agreement

Please note that hospital and anaesthetic fees are charged separately.  You should also be aware that while insurance companies will often settle bills directly, they do not actually pay or employ the consultant – the insurer reimburses the patient for consultant fees. Levels of reimbursement vary widely between insurance companies and depend on the actual policy held. Shortfalls are not uncommon, and if any gap in funding arises this will need to be settled by the patient.

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